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We Sent 500 FOIA Requests to the NSA in 24 Hours

Posted on June 16th, 2013
by Jonathan Corbett

After a long night of pondering and coding, My NSA Records went online last Friday morning at about 7:00 AM ET. In the first 24 hours, we received over 500 form submissions for FOIA requests and motions to quash! The first 500 FOIA requests were printed and mailed yesterday, USPS tracking # 7012 3460 0001 8135 6494. This certified mail package is on its way to Fort Meade in Maryland (yes, a military base -- did you know that the NSA is actually an arm of the U.S. military?).

What an epic response. Thank you for helping us to engage in our own form of protest: letting the NSA and FISA Court know that the people are watching and are unhappy with what they see. Whether or not they stonewall our requests, they are getting a taste of something they never expected: accountability for their actions. And thank you to those who donated and helped pay for the printing and mailing costs so that this site can continue to offer its services for free!

We've also made a few improvements to our site: a new logo donated by graphic designer Andrea Brannon, our forms now use HTTPS for secure transfer of your data, and we now accept donations in Bitcoin (in addition to PayPal).

Please continue to share My NSA Records -- if you have a Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or other social sharing tool, spreading the word helps keep this effort going! Even if "only a few people" are connected to you, your help is much appreciated!

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